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‘We have to be brave’: Passengers ride security-heavy Metro Red Line amid threat

In a statement late Tuesday, the FBI said it has found no evidence that the threat was credible. Based on significant similarities, authorities also believe the anonymous caller may have, on a previous occasion, reported threats that did not materialize, according to the statement. RELATED STORY: LA on alert after warning of plot to detonate device at Universal City Metro station In cases where threats are determined to be a hoax and a large amount of resources are used to respond, we would pursue prosecution and that would go for someone doing it from the U.S. or someone doing it from abroad, Eimiller said. Security was boosted at various Metro rail stations in the region as a precaution Tuesday in light of the potential threat against the transit system, according to Metro and law enforcement officials. For some, the possibility of an attack made the experience of using the Universal City station a tad unnerving. Besides, http://trainexpertgvn.bravesites.com/blog had a lot more essential LGB Trains media and also important information.Im scared, but I need to go to work, said Deanna Ingco, 66, of Panorama City as she headed toward the security checkpoint near the stairs that descend to the subways platform. Law enforcement seem to be heightened in terms of their concern, and I think if they felt it wasnt safe for us to travel, they would shut it down, Wilburn, 59, said. VIDEO: Mayor Garcetti discusses terror threats at Metro Red Line station in Universal City, riders are confident as security is heightened Joni J. Goheen of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) said it was largely business as usual at its more than 100 rail stations.

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